Cat and the Queen is the brainchild of songwriter Cat Montgomery. Playing piano from a very young age, Cat combines her musical skill with her work as a theatre artist to create an unmatched live experience. Her style and stage presence is raw and viscerally electrifying. She owns the stage when she is on it. As one reviewer said of Cat’s performance style: “Watching Montgomery is like holding an electrical wire. You just can’t let go.” (Sharon Pollock, CBC)

Early on in Cat’s music career, her performances were more cabaret and satirical in style and content; writing spoof tunes like Waitress 86’d and Just Another Suicidal Day in Vancouver. These ‘funny’ songs allowed Cat to cut her teeth on stage as the quirky, talkative self she is. Her style and songwriting quickly evolved. Always theatrical and in the moment, Cat has a raw performance style that is unique and exciting. Her songs do not settle into any one genre, but they have been described as indie rock power pop ballads. 

Her energy is not lost on her recordings. Loba Loca, Cat and the Queen’s first full length LP, captures Cat’s effervescent presence. A moody but optimistic journey, this album invites you to ride the wave with Cat through love, fear, and everything else encompassed by personal development. Cat’s newest release, Hear For A Ride, explores 6 songs in two different genres. Side A: a solo electro pop vibe. Side B: accompanied by her band The Royals, it is raw, explorative and with a live-off-the-floor sensibility. 

The Royals are Cat and the Queen’s band. The Royals are: Dave Love on drums, Brent Maidens on bass, Tal Davidson on guitar and Quinn Hoodless on saxophone. She began working with outside musicians after a few years of solo gigs. Since the development of Loba Loca her band has branded themselves as The Royals. She works with wizard recording engineer and producer Alex Gamble on the regular. He mixed and produced LP Loba Loca in 2017 and newest LP Heart For A Ride in 2019. 

Cat is very involved and active in the Toronto Indie Theatre Scene. In July 2019, she performed her original theatre rockshow PUMP at Theatre Passe Muraille  in Toronto’s Fringe Festival. It was met with rave reviews (Four Stars, NOW Magazine). In August, 2018, Cat created LOVE IN SPACE! – an immersive theatre rock show theatricalizing the release of her first full album, Loba Loca. It was performed off the grid, late at night, at an underground theatre in Parkdale, Toronto. It was a hit and very well attended. Her signature brand of musical storytelling fused theatre, rock show, and dance party.

Cat and the Queen with The Royals will be releasing a new single called, “Death Of A Real Love”. Yum yum yum yum. Just in time for the Holiday Season.

The Band

Dave Love, Drummer for Cat and the Queen

Dave Love


Dave Love has performed live with Cat and The Queen for 3 years and collaborated on 2 studio albums. Dave has performed live with songwriters, musicians, and bands for 18 years. He feels at home as part of the ecosystem of a forest, purple is life, Taurus Sun/Leo Rising/Pisces Moon/Aries in Venus. He's always yearning after points of connection between...well, pretty much everything.

Brent Maidens, Bassist for Cat and the Queen

Brent Maidens


Brent has played on Cat and the Queen’s last 2 studio albums and has performed live with the group for several years. Magic the Gathering enthusiast, whiskey explorer, and Hawaiian shirt eccentric, he carries 16 years of musical experience on a range of instruments.

Tal Davidson, Guitar for Cat and the Queen

Tal Davidson


Tal began playing guitar at the age of 11. He finally found an outlet for the constant melody that played in the background of every thought. He has devoted years to chasing the satisfaction of channelling that inner music through the guitar and the double bass. Through his relationship with the creative process, Tal developed appreciation for all music made with heart, and has a particularly deep love of jazz, Americana, and improvised musical forms.

S. Quinn Hoodless


Playing the saxophone, Quinn is the most recent to join. Quinn entered the entertainment industry via Fanshawe College's music industry arts program with a focus on audio engineering. This exploration into art as a career has led him to create solo, experimental music based off of field recordings. Quinn is influenced by artists like Brian Eno, John Cage, Sigur Ros, and Kate Carr.

A Toronto local for 5 years now, Quinn has been working his way towards some sort of career that will encompass all of his interests. Composing, sound design, foley, audio engineering, photography, theatrical stage work, interactive art exhibits and butt jokes are just some of the areas he hopes to explore.